about SecWorks and partners

The keyword in the approach of SecWorks is pragmatic . It is their practical, real-life experiences that have built the Identity Governance strengths inside SecWorks, and it is their ambition and goal to pragmatically apply those elsewhere.

SecWorks B.V. is made up of a group of professionals including executives, technical experts, project and program managers, and provide services and solutions in order to help businesses achieve Identity Driven Governance; from Management Consulting to preparation for and implementation of projects, to Operational Management. The distinguishing strengths of SecWorks' services lie in the experience of the people involved, they have actually been inside the organization, and have the practical experience of applying Identity Driven Governance to all layers of the organization.

SecWorks' owner and CEO, Jan-Martin Parent, has more than 20 years of international IT experience, from hands-o n IT to Executive IT management. Starting off his career in IT service and support, Jan-Martin developed to lead IT organizations, governance and transformation programs in international environments. During his career, he specialized in Identity Driven Governance, applied to multiple organizational levels. His broad experience and long career path have given him the ability to look at and accommodate for IT from all the different viewpoints, in all levels of Identity Governance maturity. He is an object-driven, down-to-earth and pragmatic leader, with strong communication and people skills and a good sense of humor.

Hitachi ID Systems offers comprehensive identity management and access governance, privileged access management and password management solutions. These improve IT security, support internal controls and regulatory compliance, lower access administration and IT support cost and improve user service. The Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite grants and revokes access both on-premises and cloud-hosted systems and applications.

Hitachi ID Systems have been rated to provide the most Innovative Identity Administration & Access Governance Product, and are considered leading in the Identity Governance and Administration space.

SecWorks B.V. have very positive experience with the complete Hitachi ID product suite, not only in implementation and rollout, but also hands-on in an operational business environment. With the successful experience and business relationship, a strong partnership has been established between SecWorks and Hitachi ID Systems in Europe and allows SecWorks to successfully position and roll out these products in business environments.